Dress to Fall in Love with Yourself!!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression!!”

First impression is the combination of your body language, confidence, gestures and dressing. But, often what drives the impact is your dressing, that how you are carrying yourself. Men’s wardrobe is already known for limited assortments & curbed stereotypes for dressing. And when we crawl down to our Indian crowd, Menswear is not even considered to be a topic to moot on.


With the globalisation and rapidly changing trends we are somewhat acclimating ourselves to opt the dressing styles. We are finally trying to get the knowledge of what to wear, how to wear or even when to wear? To get a spark to look good, distinctive and to have our own style statement, our own identity. Yet, we lack on our knowledge, and even sources to get a glimpse of adapting fashion runways into our own wardrobe.

Let’s dope inside the fashion world to get some of the finger tips which will help you to dress better next time.

“Good Shoes take you Good Places”

Whether you are planning to attend a party, to go to office or a wedding celebration, there is a different shoe choice for every occasion. The comfort ability of the shoe being the utmost priority, another thing you should be aware of is the occasion you are wearing the same. Formal leather shoes does not go with denims, in the same way canvas loafers does not go with formal pleated trousers. Espadrilles, slip-ons being casual, usage of boots vary a lot from design to design. You should be able to identify what use you are looking for and how it should match your overall attire. Not only the type & design, color of the shoe matters too. It should complement what are you wearing & should be in sync.



“Proper collar: Represent your Mood Board”

Being the classic wear, there is a thick scrapbook for men’s shirts style variations. Collar definition plays a great role in defining your look, your mood in terms of formals, casuals or semi formal. Available in many designs & formats the most versatile and most difficult at the same time is to choose the proper color. We need to understand there is specific usage & role of every collar. A button down collar will not work with suits in the same way a wide spread collar is not the preference for casual outings. Every type has its own pros and cons which we need to look, before choosing the shirt according to our requirements. Each collar defines its own occasion we just need to match the same.
(For more detail understanding visit customise section and read collars)


“Make Sure It Fit”

The number one reason an outfit looks messy is due to clothing not fitting properly. Be it trouser/jeans or shirt/tee you need to be sure that it fits you properly. Be a billowy hanger look or the tight button openings in shirt, a misfit will cause the failure of an amazing attire. For shirts, if it fits in the shoulders, it should fall in place everywhere else. For pants, length and rise (the distance between the crotch and waistband) are the most important.  You need to watch and accept your body shape and look after the fit according to the body structure. A perfect fit will make you look appealing & enhance your body shape.
(For more detail understanding visit customise section and read fits available)


“Simple Belts: You can never go wrong with”

Belts are the trickiest element to choose. Being in major visible section it draws immediate attention. You need to be sure for the belts you are opting. The safest zone of choosing belt is to go for a belt that is made from quality leather, and has a simple brass buckle of some sort. It is versatile and can be used both with casuals & formals. Any sort of “flashy” belt buckle is a huge mistake as it turns the whole attire down. Try to have belts which will match your shoes color, texture. It will give a complete neat look.


“Adding add-ons: Work on details”

Being a fashion follower we all love to go with scarves, ties, bow ties. But before opting for these voguish add-ons you should know the detailing of using the same. Little things tend to add up and make a difference. Learn how to work your tie knot to perfection. Use a tie bar to keep your tie in place. If you are going with a scarf make sure it’s type of styling should match your attire. Scarf styling will vary from a formal suit to a casual jacket. To look modish, the best thing you can do is to work on different styling available for the scarves as per the occasion you are looking for.

For using the cufflinks you should take care that it go with the type of suit and shirt you are opting. Pocket Square should match you shirt design & should not be the odd one out. Similarly, if you think no one will notice your white socks with dress shoes, you’re wrong. These are those detailing that will bring your outfit together.


These are some basic ideas which you need to keep in mind before shopping and dressing. Perfectly assembled attire will make you look your best and make you the prime attention of the crowd!!


Archit Dixit & Team –