“Necktie” is a word in fashion dictionary which reserves an entire shelf in a men’s closet. Fashion history describes the complete look of man where neck tie plays an important role. “The standard, classic, well-dressed man” is the one with a suit and tie on. Time has given us various canny options to opt for ties depending on occasion/way of dressing/ style statement.

However, the picture of using tie is getting blurred day by day. There was a time when tie was a mandatory component to wear with formal attire. With western swing & relaxation in office dressing, it has forced us to put our tie holder in the back of our closet. We no longer bounded to wear ties to business meetings or to interviews.

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Neckties are continuously absent on fashion runways, even those of classic brands such as Giorgio Armani or Tom Ford. On red carpets, many trendy & style-minded celebrities prefer to pair tailoring with tees and open-neck shirts. Social leaders which are defined for their formal take, today doesn’t include the formality of necktie in their dressing. (E.g. Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin).

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Is this It? Is Necktie finally paving its way out of our closet? The casual working hours & comfortable clothing diminished the need for ties at work? Are only formal weddings and celebrations are the places where tie plays it role to define a classy man? We have lot of designs of collars & neckline to adapt different styles of ties & to define each of them on their usage. Are we going above all that?

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Surely, there is no other option to make you look as well-dressed as a tie and suit could. While wearing a tuxedo still needs a bow to complete its look, why we are stepping back to use necktie on regular basis. A business meeting or an interview is said to be formal because it defines your character to be responsible & culpable. Dressing formally with a suit and tie shows your dedication & desire to take the power. “The Casualization in dressing could result in representing the casual attitude of the person”, we have to set our own lines till which we can go being nonchalant.

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We design our suits, our style keeping our perfect image in mind. Is really dressing a suit without tie, makes it casual? Apparently Yes! But again it depends on the occasion & purpose you are going to be in. here provides complete set of options for both casual & formal dressing. Now it’s your take to choose on your Demeanor and to form a bridge between both the dressings!


Archit Dixit & Team